Social Sounds (Peter Palvén 2004) was exhibited at the Electrohype biennal at Malmö Konsthall in 2004, at Göteborg Museum of Art in 2005, at Centre Culturel Suédois in Paris in 2005 and at EAT rev. gallery in Copenhagen in 2006. Social Sounds is an installation with image and four channel sound that is being controlled by software that continuously lets each element of the picture adopt to surrounding parts of the image and thereby creating an image in motion that is constantly evolving its expression. Each of the graphical elements/squares has a corresponding sound that consequently adjusts its pulse to the beat of surrounding sounds. Social Sounds is based on theory of coupled nonlinear oscillators and theory of social behavior. Each element in the image, and each sound, continuously adopts its internal rhythm to surrounding rhythms and thereby to some extent gets synchronized to each other, creating the evolving image and sound.

In 2008 Social Sounds was transformed into Social Field, a 17000 square feet light installation that was exhibited in a park in Malmö. Social Field was created by Peter Palvén in collaboration with Electrohype. Contact for more info.